Try an Elbeth Gillis gown and meet the designer!

Many brides wonder what trunk shows and designer days are all about, and whether they’re worth attending. That’s why we thought we’d give you a little more information about what each of these entails and why they are so worth it.

What is an Elbeth Gillis trunk show and a designer day?

A trunk show is a rare opportunity to see a collection in its entirety. Usually boutiques only purchase a few gowns from a particular collection because they keep their overall stock in mind, selecting gowns from various designers. A trunk show is an event where a store is able to loan an entire collection from the designer so that brides can see, and select from, the entire range. Seeing a whole collection together is often an enriching experience, because it gives one a feel for both a range and the designer in a way that seeing only one dress at a time wouldn’t.

For trunk shows, there will often be a representative on hand to offer their expertise and answer specific questions. A designer day is a little more specific, with the designer themself being present and available for a chat, a photo and an overview of the range.

For both trunk shows and designer days, it is usually recommended that brides book an appointment in advance because slots can fill up pretty quickly.

Where can I attend an Elbeth Gillis trunk show?

The best place to find up to date information about trunk shows is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. During May 2017, Elbeth Gillis is partnering with The Wedding Club, South Kensington, and Knutsford Wedding Gallery, Cheshire, so that local brides can see her collections.


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Where can I attend an Elbeth Gillis designer day?

Again, the best place to find current information about designer days is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. During May 2017, brides will be able to meet Elbeth in person at Love Bridal and view the brand new 2018 collection.

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