The new Elbeth Gillis 2018 collection

We are so excited to tell you about the new Elbeth Gillis collection, available at a stockist near you this September! Woohoo! Elbeth’s new collection, called Mystique, blows us away. It’s probably her most fashion-forward collection to date, and it emphasises the evolution and growth of this internationally represented designer.

Most designers will attest to the weeks and months of blood, toil, tears and sweat that go into the creation of a new collection. But, the other truth is that these crazy, manic, fanatical weeks are also threaded with moments of magic and mystery – those illusive elements so much a part of every creative endeavour.

Mystique is a 13-gown collection that is lavish with mystery and allure. Bodices tempt and entice with shoulders and backs laid bare.


Nude-look laces abound, and this time in a glorious assortment of exotic designs and floral patterns. Straps are so delicate they seem suspended, and the sheer glamour and sparkle of the beadwork is breathtaking.


Necklines are often deep, as are backs, and with a variety that will give every bride a choice. Gentle, flowing mermaid skirts abound, with embroidered tulle overlays that add a further dimension of mystery.


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