How a collection is born, Part 4

So what did you think of last week’s little show-and-tell? Elbeth was a tad shy about opening up her sketch pad, but we convinced her and hope you appreciated the comparison with the finished gowns.

The next part of the process, after the sketches and calicos, is the making of the first sample dresses. But of course, none of this happens without the hard work of a dynamite team!


STAFF: Elbeth, you have an amazing team behind you. How many seamstresses do you have working for you?

ELBETH: I have three seamstresses and three finishers. And my assistant helps with all the aspects of the dresses.

STAFF: At this stage of the process, the important elements of the design come together. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

ELBETH: Yes – at this point the fit, the fabrics and the details, like beading, come together. The choice of fabric is actually really important, because fabrics convey the essence of the dress.

STAFF: We have a little video snippet to show you of one of our talented finishers sewing tiny beads onto the bodice of a wedding gown. She’s so quick!

STAFF: What’s the biggest challenge in this part of the process?

ELBETH: Probably one of the biggest hurdles is helping my seamstresses understand the new designs and teaching them how to construct the gowns. I think for any business owner, that process of getting everyone to see your vision – of getting the little details out of your own head and then communicating them in a way that everyone really understands and can execute on – that’s the hard part!

Next week we look at what goes into making a shoot magical – lights, camera, action!