Elbeth Gillis unveils her dazzling 2020 Collection – Desire

Desires – they remind us we’re alive, turn us around, point us in a new direction, call to us to pay attention. Whether strong and bold, or soft and whispering, desire is a part of being unashamedly, exquisitely, woman. This dazzling collection pays tribute to the strength it takes to be fully woman: to know when to stop, listen, harness, and let go.




Desire is very possibly one of Elbeth’s most articulate collections to date, fluently and coherently weaving together 15 gowns into one seamless whole. In this blog post we’re showing just a few of the gowns. To see more, follow us on Instagram!

Breathtakingly elegant, this collection sees the return of structured gowns with light boning in the bodices, weightier silks and satins to add definition and line, and bold, outspoken laces. Silhouettes range from gliding ballgowns to figure-defining mermaids. Necklines are strong: plunging Vs, striking bateaus, sweeping off-the-shoulder lines.



Sensuous touches of femininity are evident throughout: beading sparkles and glitters, tulle skirt overlays tempt, lace cap sleevelets entice, and back and side cut-outs seduce.


Desire. Live in your skin and own it.

Elbeth Gillis’ dazzling new collection, Desire, is available from stockists in August, 2019.  To see more gowns, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Shoot credits

Many thanks to Jacques Weyers for his incredible photography, and Robynne Kahn for her styling genius. Make-up was by Cheryl Parker and Alet Viljoen. And the beautiful models are Erin Hart and Elizma Esterhyuse.