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Luminescence Collection

The Luminescence Collection was shot on location in Arniston, which is a small seaside town along the south coast of South Africa. This bridal collection is a sister collection to the Arniston Blue Collection because they were shot in the same warm sunlight. The shoot itself played a game of tag. It moved from the beach’s soft dunes to the quaint village to the famed sea cave for which Arniston is known.

Soft and gentle, yet dazzling and alluring, this couture bridal collection reveals Elbeth’s masterful ability to curate beauty and style. These full-length bridal gowns dance. On the one hand you have diaphanous, tulle-covered skirts with shimmering, hand-beaded bodices. On the one hand you have gently-falling, satin skirts with demur, floral-appliqued bodices. Necklines alternately plunge or brush the collarbones.

Brides looking for structured wedding gowns or whimsically romantic wedding dresses will find both aplenty in Elbeth Gillis’ Luminescence Collection.